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Each year, more and more caring consumers choose solar energy to heat their swimming pools. SolarSwim is a company dedicated to bringing you the very latest in pool heating technology using oldfashioned business values. Unlike other solar energy companies, we at solar swim have specialized in swimming pool heating AND COMFORT SINCE 1990. We believe that a warm and well used pool can be become the centerpiece for entertaining, exercice, family togetherness and the core of many good times and fond memories. Our goal is to help you create enjoyable outdoor living space and a better quality of life for your American dream. We invite all pool owners to explore the endless potential of solar energy for their pool heating needs. The low maintenance, economical and environmentally responsible advantages make Solarswim pool heating the intelligent choice for you.

The use of thermoplastic pool heating panels has grown into the number one application of solar energy in the United States today!

We invite you to enter this site and learn what you can before purchasing a pool heating system. Grab a cup of coffee because there is much to read. Make sure you read the quotation from the consumers guide to solar energy and check out our S.P.E.C. page. We hope we can be of some valuable service as you educate yourself about solar energy and solar swimming pool heating. Perhaps you would like to schedule a free solar analysis of your pool. C’mon in! enter the site with a splash!


SolarSwim president Bob Griffin with environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr.


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