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Solar Pool Heating Panels

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to let you know that although the pool has yet to hit the 90 degree mark, the pool temperature has been in the high 80’s. Yesterday, June 7th it was at 87 degrees when I came home from work (around 5:PM). So far the panels have made a huge difference in the pool temperature. I will keep you updated as the summer progresses.
Have a nice day!
- Jaison Lee, West Orange, NJ

Dear Bob:
Last night the air temperature dropped down into the 50’s. In the past we could have written off any thought of swimming in our pool today. I just checked the thermometer at 10 am, before the sun has even reached our solar panels and the pool water temperature is holding at 92 degrees!
When we met last spring to discuss this heating system you understated how well it would work. This was probably smart on your part because if you had tried to tell me exactly how well these solar panels would heat my pool I wouldn’t have believed you.
It would be an understatement to say that I was extremely skeptical. Even as you pulled out of our driveway after installing the system my husband and I exchanged an anxious look that said we thought we’d just wasted a lot of money. A day hasn’t passed since that one of us hasn’t remarked that this was the best money we’ve ever spent.
Lets face it, with most things, if it sounds too good to be true, it just doesn’t work. Not so with this solar heating system It has performed beyond our wildest expectations. We have used our pool more in the six weeks or so that we’ve had the heating system than we swam the past two summers combined.
I joked with you that I wanted to hear my family complaining that the water was too warm for a change, never thinking for a moment that this could happen in New Jersey. Two nights ago the water was 96 degrees and one of my daughters actually said she thought it might be getting too hot! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Please feel free to have your potential customers call me if they have any questions or any of the doubts that I had when considering the purchase. No-one should have a pool without a solar heating system.
- Sincerely, Beth Cullison, Plainsboro, NJ 1996

Dear Bob:
I consider myself very lucky to have met you when you were installing the third solar system on my street. Before you installed the system, we were hardly using our swimming pool. Now we have a long swim season, more use within the season at no additional cost, i.e. maintenance free system. My family and my self cannot thank you enough.
- Joseph Farid, Edison, NJ

Bob Griffin of SolarSwim:
The Lighthipe and Annicchiarico family would like to thank you for a professional job in installation and maintenance of our solar pool heating system. Since we have had this product installed in 2006, we have enjoyed the best summers ever with our solar pool heater. I recommend to anyone installing a new or repairing an older pool heating system to go with solar heating. After the initial investment there are no other costs, and of course if you do this you must see Bob Griffin of SolarSwim, he is the best in the business!
Thank you for great summers
- Joe Annicchiarico, Warren, NJ

This is just a short note to inform you that we are very pleased with the solar heating system installed last year. We truly enjoy the warm water and I mostly appreciate the fact that I did not start my gas water heater once. I must say we were skeptical as our pool is concrete and 'bleeds' warmth back into the ground overnight, but the system has the water temperature back up first thing in the morning after the sun rises. The cost of operating my gas heater for one year is almost equal to the total cost of the system you installed, but now I benefit from free heating. I look forward to many more seasons of warm water and low cost operation.
I will be spreading the word to my friends and neighbors who still use their gas heaters.
Kind Regards,
- Justen Byrne, Tinton Falls, NJ

Hi Bob,
Thank you very much for the Holiday wishes. I hope all of you have a Happy Holiday season as well.
I also want to let you know that I apologize for not doing this sooner. I hope you have a lot of room on your website, because I have a lot to say. I absolutely LOVE my solar system that you installed for me. It works GREAT and costs ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING to use. Most people open their pools just before the Memorial Day weekend, and if they even use their pool it's most likely too cold to enjoy unless they have a heater. Well, when my guests come over and are hesitant to use the pool, all I do is show-off my system and have them test the water. I use my pool BEFORE Memorial Day, and long after Labor Day. I like my pool warm, bath warm, and your system does the job. I use the pool daily and I can't tell you how many times my kids have said "Dad it's too warm ... can you turn this down?" I respond "Sure I can ... but it will take a week to cool off !" I have to admit sometimes when it's really hot outside for a few days and I don't 'lower' the thermostat during that time frame, the pool is even too hot for me. The water seems to keep its temperature. I have to dump water and throw the hose in. That's a 'good' problem!
Thanks again, and take care.
- Ted Enea
PS. When are you going to take fly-by pictures?

I want to thank you for providing the excellent products, service and most importantly expert advice.
We first came in contact in the spring of 2006. I made a mistake, you provided recommendations of the size, design and location of your solar panels. I did not completely follow your advice. Even with the inadequate size and design of my solar heating system, the pool heat was improved and swim season extended. Based on the results of the 2006 season, I followed your recommendations for the 2007 season. My results were even better. The water temperature was easier to control and we got the same extended swim season. I should have taken the advice in 2006.
You have a very effective product, combined with your excellent design and installation knowledge, SolarSwim provides an excellent service.
Thank you,
- John Groh, Branchburg, NJ

Our family is very pleased with the operation of the solar heating system that you installed last spring. It worked great and without any further costs to us or pollution to the atmosphere with gas or electric heaters.
There were absolutely no problems and the electronic / automatic valving and temperature control system worked very accurately. Our pool temperature was maintained at a constant 84 degrees F. This constant temperature made all the difference in the world for us to enjoy our pool from late spring to early fall.
Your product is a great value to us and is environmentally responsible. Should any prospective customer want to talk to me about it, please have them call me at home.
- Gary Orlando

Sorry this is so long in coming, but we wanted to say how much we enjoyed the solar heating you installed this summer. It's been such a pleasure not to have to worry about running out of propane anymore. Now that unsightly tank is gone and I'm no longer getting ripped off for the yearly fee and outrageous prices. A full tank cost us over $400 and lasted thru two all day heatings!
We are so pleased to see the temperature raise 10 degrees in a few hours. It's so nice to have company and actually spend time in the pool, rather than a quick dunk in 75 degree water to cool off!
You should be hearing from our friends, the Ferenc's in Lafayette if you haven't already to install a solar heating system in their pool.
Great job, thanks again and have a wonderful holiday!
- Chris & Marty Volz

Dear Bob,
Now that the winter season is here I finally have time to send you a note regarding how totally satisfied we are with the Solar heat for our pool.  An inground pool is an expensive investment and extending the season makes it all the more worthwhile.
Since my birthday is in May, it has always been my desire to swim on birthday. Before Solar that was out of the question, but this year I did it!
I have to say our pool got a real workout this past summer. I was able to swim after work even when the evening wasn't especially hot. Another bonus was those morning swims in August and September after a cool night.
The solar heat has extended our season  8 weeks without ever running our gas heater.
Please feel free to use us as a reference for anyone interested in Solar heat for their pool.
- Karen & Dennis Whitmore, Bridgewater, NJ

Just wanted to say thanks. Purchasing a solar heating system was one of the best things we've ever done. As our kids grew up the pool was used less and less each year. With the solar heat there has definitely been a renewed interest in the pool. Everyone loves it! We enjoy going in the pool and staying in the water, the warmer water is so much more enjoyable. We also use the pool more at night. This definitely was a very smart investment, I wish we had done it sooner!
Thanks again
- Kathy and Randy Bayliss, Monroe Twp., NJ

Dear Bob:
We have just completed our first season using the solar heater that you installed last fall. I am delighted to report that this was the first year that we were able to use our pool from the first week of May, where after only a few days from opening the temperature was in the 80’s, until the first week of October. Even with this being one of the coolest summers in recent times, the temperature of the water was above 90 on numerous occasions. Although I was skeptical at first about buying the solar heater, I now feel that it was a very good investment. We look forward to many years of increased enjoyment in our solar heated pool.
- Sincerely, Dr. Tom Magliaro, Flemington, NJ 2000

Dear Bob:
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you performed when you installed the new solar pool heating system to our pool.
As you know, we receive a fair amount of shade in our backyard due to a neighboring tree. With the new solar pool heating system added, it made our summer very enjoyable. It extended our swimming season and allowed more night swimming for the kids. For a Minimal investment, I couldn’t believe the pleasure our family has received. The performance is fantastic, and best of all no maintenance or additional expense.
I’m sending you this letter In appreciation for introducing me to a wonderful new way for our family to better enjoy the investment of a pool, by adding the solar heating system.
I also want to show my appreciation for the wonderful job you and your installation crew displayed by extending our system as a demo for any new prospective candidates that may be interested in the solar pool heating system.
- Respectfully yours, Paul Schwartz Sr., Colonia, NJ

Dear Bob:
We want to thank you for the prompt and efficient service you provided by removing and re-installing our solar pool heating system when it became necessary to install a new roof. From the time we decided to install a roof-top system in 1978 we have dreaded the moment of truth that would come when the roof died. Of course, we also wondered if the system would outlast the roof.
First, the system has lasted and performed as expected for 17 seasons now, and that’s with very minimum maintenance. We feared that disturbing the system would cause it to disintegrate. Our roofer was willing to work around and under the panels but we wanted someone who knew the panels and who could check it out during the process. We called the manufacturer and were quickly directed to you.
As stated, your response was prompt. You had the system down in a couple hours in plenty of time for the roofer. When the roof was done, you had the system back in place in half a day. Your charge was more than reasonable. More importantly, the pitch of the system was adjusted and all mounting hardware was replaced and secured. Hopefully we’re now set for many more years of efficient pool heating with a system that’s already been in use for 17 seasons.
Again, many thanks for your fine service. Please feel free to use us as a reference for those customers who question as we did:

  • how long will the system last?
  • will we be able to get service?
  • will the manufacturer still be in business?
  • what happens when we need a new roof?

Fortunately we found that the answers were positive!
- Sincerely, Harden Boyce, Warren, NJ 1995
(this system was replaced by us in 2006 after 28 years of service)

Dear Bob:
I just had to write and express to you how happy Carol and I are with our new solar panel installation. This year we enjoyed our pool like never before and we stretched our season by several weeks. The product works fantastic and the best part is there is no huge gas bill in the middle of the summer. Two of my friends have gas heaters for theit pool and if they are not being serviced theu are off most of the time because of the cost of usage.
The system exceeds my greatest expectations, not only in the temperature of the water, but also its safe and trouble free operation. I am only sorry we didn’t have it installed years ago when we built the pool. Our pool has become the neighborhood attraction. With the water up around 90 degrees, all of John and Mike’s friends want to go in.
Thanks again for a smooth professional installation with a great friendly work crew. Please feel free to show your customers my installation.
- John Laico, Colonia, NJ 1991

Dear Bob:
I am writing this letter to thank you for introducing me to solar heat for my in-ground pool. Last year I decided that I wanted to use my pool longer than the year before. I began to check out the possibilities for heating my pool. I found that natural gas was very expensive to install and then the monthly payments during swimming season was another factor that turned me away from natural gas. The second alternative was propane gas. Even though it was less expensive to set up than natural gas I found the large tank that would be located next to my home an eyesore not mention a danger. Both these alternatives had me believing that heating my pool would be out of the question.
It wasn’t until I met you when you introduced me to solar heat for my pool. I must admit I was skeptical at first. But after speaking to you I found that solar heat was the way to go. I found solar heat was not only economical due to the fact that once it was installed there were no more payments. This plus the fact that the cost installing a solar heater was less than the installation of natural gas. Solar heat was also a safer idea than the natural gas or propane.
With all the positives about solar heat I was still hesitant due to the fact that this was a new idea for this area. Your down to earth approach along with the warrantee convinced me. I must congratulate you and your staff on the professional installation of the solar panels. This past year with the several storms that hit the area I found that the panels were not affected by the high winds.
After the solar panels were installed and the system was turned on we found that within two days the temperature of the pool went from 65 degrees to 90 degrees. This allowed my family to use the pool while other neighbors were still complaining about their cold water. It seems that since the installation of the solar panels we have used the pool much more during the summer and also extended the season for a month.
In closing I would again like to thank you for improving and extending my pool season by professionally installing the solar panels. I extend to you the opportunity to have any of your customers speak to me about the solar panels you installed for me.
- Your satisfied customer, Mike Kohut, Edison, NJ 1990

It works so well, we put one on my fathers pool too!
- Mike Challiet, Iselin, NJ 2002

88 degrees in May and 6 extra weeks of use!
- Jim Domangue, Metuchen, NJ 1994

We’ve had our pool for 5 years and never used it this much!
- Ray Penczak, Rahway, NJ 1993

It’s like swimmin’ in the Bahamas!
- Carlo Mari, East Brunswick NJ 1995

My wife complains the pool gets too warm now.
- Tom Kerekes, Lebanon, NJ 1994

Fantastic, never had it this warm, it’s the best!
- Joan Miller, Colonia, NJ 1996

My wife uses the pool now. She never used to.
- Henry Gomez, Edison, NJ 1992

This was the best money we’ve ever spent!
- Beth Cullison, Plainsboro, NJ 1996

Oh its great!
- Henry Meuhlbauer, Pittstown, NJ 1997

Works better than I ever thought it would!
- Greg Petrusko, South Plainfield, NJ 1993

We love it!
- Frankie Conti, Port Reading NJ 2003

Get it and enjoy it. It does make a difference!
- Carol Laico, Colonia, 1991


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